Reading Magic: How To Raise a Reader
How can parents create a culture of reading in their homes? How can they help their children develop a deep love of reading? And how can they build their children's vocabulary and language skills? In this hour-long session, Maya Thiagarajan will offer parents specific strategies and ideas to help them nurture a love of reading in their children.

How Children Succeed: Building resilience and cultivating a growth mindset
Although parents often prioritize their children's academic progress and cognitive development over all else, research increasingly shows that long-term success in life correlates more highly with habits of mind (mindsets) than anything else. In this session, Maya Thiagarajan will share cutting edge research on the need to help our children develop qualities such as resilience, persistence, grit, and empathy. Maya will also offer specific strategies to help develop these mindsets.

Scripts for Success
Maya helps parents consider the messages that they give their children on a daily basis. Maya analyzes the central differences between "Western" and "Eastern" scripts, and offers parents a way to blend the best of both.


Asking the Right Questions
If [the teacher] is indeed wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, But rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
- Kahlil Gibran, On Teaching
As educators, we need to create a space where our students can ask the right questions and think independently. How do we educators facilitate provocative and interesting discussions, where students are pushed to think deeply and critically about texts and issues? How do we educators engage our students, helping them formulate their own questions? Maya helps teachers consider how they can lead their students to the "thresholds of their own minds."

Creating a Reading Classroom
How can teachers inspire a love of reading within their students? Maya synthesizes a range of strategies that teachers can use in their classrooms to get every kid reading.

Reading, Language and Identity
How does the language we speak alter the way we see the world? Why do our children need to see themselves and their cultures reflected in the books they read? Maya delves deep into the politics of language, offering English teachers who teach South Asian and East Asian children a lens with which to examine the way we impact our students' identities. Maya will also offer teachers book lists of excellent Asian literature for children.