East-West Parenting for the Global Age

How do Asian parents prime their children for success from a young age? How do Asian parents create Math-rich environments at home and help their children excel in Mathematics? How do Asian parents respond to their children's failures?

What are some of the key differences between Asian and American parenting methods, and how can parents on either end of the globe learn from each other?

These are just a few of the fascinating questions discussed in this provocative new book by educator Maya Thiagarajan, as she goes beyond the "tiger mom" stereotype to explore what really happens in Asian households.

Praise for Beyond the Tiger Mom:

In this exquisite book, Maya Thiagarajan distills her observations about parenting as a global citizen who has lived, studied and taught in India, the United States and Singapore. Drawing on a refreshing mix of comparative observations, Maya writes a compelling book to explain to parents how they can best support the development of their children, drawing on some of the best practices from Eastern and Western cultural traditions.

An accomplished teacher and skilled writer, a reflective parent, and above all a global citizen, Maya has produced a unique book that every parent trying to make sense of how best to help our children grow into global citizens should read.

Fernando M. Reimers,

Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education, Harvard University

Using a comparative lens, Maya considers the different approaches to parenting and education in Asia and America, offering parents on both sides of the globe a way to raise successful global citizens by blending the best of East and West.

Maya's book is based on her experiences as an educator as well as on a range of formal interviews with parents in Singapore. Additionally, Maya synthesizes an extensive body of education research to offer parents usable strategies and tips as they raise children in an increasingly complex and competitive globalized world.

Beyond the Tiger Mom is a brilliant book. Hard-hitting and brutally honest but also balanced, insightful, and funny. It avoids clichés and draws on years of research and personal multicultural teaching experience. It's also wonderfully practical, offering specific tips for how to combine the best of East and West."

Amy Chua,

Yale Law Professor and author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

"Maya Thiagarajan brings a unique East-and-West perspective, and a refreshing balanced discussion, to hot-button issues in child rearing. Her interviews and ethnographic analyses deliver a wealth of insights into Asian vs. Western parenting decisions on topics ranging from math drills to self-esteem."

Katharine Beals,

Author of Raising a Left Brained Child in a Right Brained World